RAD & DMX Coffee Pot Instructions

The RAD is a remote addressing device based on the RDM (remote device management) protocol. It is used to set the DMX start address of any RDM compliant device such as the RDM coffee pot that was sent with the RAD. Note that the coffee pot has no DMX address switches. The RAD is used to set the address. The RAD does not operate on non-RDM devices. The RAD is written to Draft Standard V2.0 of the RDM protocol.

To use the RAD:

- Connect the RAD to an RDM device.

- Turn on the RAD.

- Push the NEXT key. This will cause the RAD to locate and identify an RDM device on the line. The coffee pot identifies iteslf by making a buzzing or "purring" sound. The current DMX address for the device will then be shown on the RAD.

- Using the buttons below each digit, you can set the DMX address for the device.

- After setting the desired address, you can wait for about 2 seconds and the address will be saved to the device. Alternately, you can push the NEXT key again to save the new address and look for another device on the line. When you push the NEXT key, the currently selected device will also un-identify (stop buzzing).

- The LAST key goes backward through the devices you have already set.

That's it. Please let us know if you need any other information.

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