Photos and stories from our Lake Nacimiento Party

August 4 - 5, 2001

Each year, Doug Fleenor Design, Inc. sponsors a Company party for its employees (all 4 of us!), our customers, vendors, friends, and all of their families.  This year's event showed a steady growth in attendance with a total of 75 friendly faces.  There was swimming in the lake, LOTS of food, a magic show for the kids (and those of us who act like kids), and a dance band that kept us all going until midnight on Saturday.  We hope eveyone enjoyed the party.  We enjoyed all of our guests and the time we shared with them.  The links below will take you through some of the events of the party.  Please feel free to download and share any photos you wish.

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Setting up

The property needed a place to gather for performances so we built an outdoor stage complete with a 5,000 Watt sound system.  The stage also doubles as a fine place to sleep under the stars.


The reason we're all here....
We came here, we talked, played, rested, ate, renewed old relationships, and made new ones.


All of the essential elements of outdoor life....

Shoreline Sports

Boogie boards take on a new use.  Since the shore is about a quarter mile from the stage, the "lake taxi" made regular runs.

Dr. Magic

Magic?  Comedy show?  Just plain fun?  You decide.

The Interlake Road Band

OK, so it was getting dark and the photos aren't so great.  The time we all had was great.

The morning after....

Only the kids and this photographer were awake at 7:30 on Sunday morning.

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