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Custom Design and Original Equipment Manufacturing

Doug Fleenor Design has a long history of providing quality custom and OEM products to the entertainment industry. Give us a call and let us know how we can help with your application. We love to talk with our customers.

(alphabetically listed)

  • ACT Lighting
  • Advanced Lighting Systems, Inc.
  • Alumifax
  • Apollo Design
  • Bandit Lighting
  • Buena Vista Pictures
  • CITC
  • Dartmouth University Physiology Dept.
  • Disney Studios Paris
  • Disneyland 
  • Electronic Theater Controls
  • Electrosonic Systems
  • Fourth Phase
  • HighEnd Systems
  • Illuminating Concepts
  • Illusion Engineering
  • Interesting Products
  • Light & Sound Design
  • Lumenyte International Corporation
  • Lutron
  • Mobo Laser
  • Mole Richardson
  • NSI Colortran
  • Strand Lighting
  • TMB & Associates
  • Tokyo Disney Sea
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
  • Walt Disney World

(alphabetically listed)
  • Audio to DMX Interface
  • Automated Fixture Ballast Controller
  • C-Through Video Switch Interface (RS-232)
  • DC 12 volt 12 Channel Dimmer
  • DMX Accessory Power Supply
  • DMX Delayed Action Relay
  • DMX Flicker Generator
  • DMX to Canon Video Camera
  • DMX to DVD Player Interface (RS-232)
  • DMX to Video Mixer Interface (RS-232)
  • DMX to Video Projector Interface (RS-232)
  • Fan Controller
  • Fiber Optic Illuminator Controller
  • Foot Petal Fog Controller
  • Gobo Rotator Controller
  • Haze Machine Controller
  • Hog II Dry Contact Cue Trigger
  • Hog II Overdrive Repackaging
  • Hog II RFU Switch
  • In Seat Effect Interface
  • LN2 Effect Controller
  • MRI Optical Isolation (RS-485)
  • Readers Theatre Distributed Console
  • Remote DMX512 A/B Switch
  • Single Channel 0-10v Analog Interface
  • Single Channel Transistor Interface
  • Single Channel Weather Proof Relay
  • Theatrical Cue Light System
  • Three Channel Relay Interface


   General Purpose Interface
GPI - Pictures
      GPI - Manual (140k PDF)
      GPI - Pricing
   1211-JBOX PDF DWG
   221 Combiner
   621e Combiner
   1 Ch. Analog to DMX
   48 Ch. Analog to DMX
   8 Ch. Dry Contat to DMX
   24 Ch. DMX to Analog
   96 Ch. DMX to Analog
   96 Ch. DMX to Open Collector
   96 Ch. DMX to Triac
   8 Ch. DMX to Relay 1a/30vdc
   3 Ch. DMX to Relay 5a/30vdc
   24 Ch. DMX to Relay 5a/30vdc
   1 Ch. DMX to Relay 20a/12vac