DMX Controlled Gaff Tape
model: DMXGAFF
technical data sheet

DMXGAFF, a Doug Fleenor Design exclusive, brings this useful tape product into the 21st century. Now, with digital multiplex control, Gaff tape can be used for so much more than removing lint from velvet costumes.

The product uses one (eight bit mode) or two (sixteen bit mode) DMX channels to specify the length desired. The user simply sets the DMX level from 0 to 255 (eight bit mode) or from 0 to 65535 (sixteen bit mode) to represent the required length. The user then utilizes an appropriate measuring device, calibrated in the units hoped for, to determine the cut point for the tape. It’s that easy!

The DMX start address is factory set to a random number between 001 and 512. Therefore, since the DMX address is unknown to the user, an entire DMX Universe is consumed. Alternately, the user could attempt a simple binary search to determine the start address, but since there are no operational indicators, this may be problematic (see app. note #4-1-11 for more information).

DMXGAFF is made in the United States of America entirely from components and materials made in the United States of America or elsewhere.

DMXGAFF is compatible with all standard cutting methods, including hand tear, Leatherman, scissors, wire cutters, and teeth. It is also Torkel compliant and can run on single or three phase EEL.

SPECIFICATIONS: All specifications meet or exceed DMX512 requirements.

             Input connector:               Gold plated 5 pin Male Neutrik D-1 Series (3 pin connector optional)

             Feed through:                  Gold plated 5 pin Female Neutrik D-1 Series (3 pin connector opinionated)
                                                     All 5 pins un-wired

             Power:                             Single or three phase EEL.

             Size and Weight:            7" x 7" x 2", 2lbs

             Color:                             Tape available in any color, as long as it’s black. Faceplate: black with white lettering


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Note: This data sheet was produced for Doug Fleenor Design’s April Fool’s Day joke on April 1, 2011. This is not a real product (yet).